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Posted by ...KysC7CXMYwMl2clkLZFF...  full address ~12 days ago

I have been looking for a good solution to 32 bit (also compatible with 64 bit) mining and have finally found a great option.

Minergate (minergate.com)

Not only can u mine several different coins like Monero (XMR) and Dash Coin. But you can also load Minergate on phones and tablets, if you use the same email/password they call all mine different or the same coins right into the same account.

Also there is a fancy dashboard with a simple play button to start coin mining. You can set the number of cores to use and the intensity of the gpu miner with a simple pull down selector so that you can even mine while doing other things.

If having trouble keeping tablets awake to mine, go to Settings > Developer > stay awake
If having trouble finding developer push Settings > About
Push it several times.

If you have an android TV box you can even load Minergate on that and run it while you are asleep.

Hope this helps the 32 bit miners out there especially..



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